Sinterkraft GmbH 

After more than eight years of research, development and testing in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary, Austria and Italy, the three co-inventors of the three Sinterkraft EU-patents (Mr. Sremac, Mrs. Bou-Cortes, Mr. Vujic) have decided to set-up a professional limited company (GmbH) in Vienna (Austria) for the professional economic exploitation of the three current patents (see technologies).

Sinterkraft was founded as a limited liability company in Vienna in March 2015 and has been registered
by the company register in Vienna (FN 431 755i; HG Wien).
The registration is based on the Austrian business license for "exploitation of registered own patents".

Sinterkraft currently has a small team of chemists, chemical process engineers, physicists and last but
not least IT & automation engineers.

Sinterkraft has professional support by experienced experts for tax - accounting - financing - funding
(TPA Horwath, Vienna) and legal experts (RA Dr. Nora Kluger, Vienna).

Sinterkraft Management Team

Mr. Sinisa SREMAC                                                                                                      CEO / Managing Director

Sinisa was born and raised in Serbia. He studied in Serbia as well as the USA and gained his work experience in Serbia, USA and several EU and CEE countries. Sinisa has over 15 years of work experience in automation and control systems for production companies. He is one of the co-Inventor of the three Sinterkraft patents.
Sinisa holds a B.Sc. in IT & industrial automation.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Gotwald                                                                                            CFO / Chief Finance Officer

Dr.Gotwald completed studies in Austria and USA in experimental physics, medical physics, international business and engineering management. He has over 20 years business experience in R&D, innovation management, high-tech entrepreneurship, financing & funding of international technology projects, and infrastructure investment projects, venture capital, . . . in Austria, USA, EU countries, CEE countries.

Mr. Djura VUJIC                                                                                                            CRO / Chief Research Officer

Djura was born and educated in Serbia. He completed studies in chemistry and biochemistry at university of Novi Sad. He gained his work experience in Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia. He brings over 30 year experience in chemical analysis and chemical formulation for medical and industrial applications and is head of the chemical analytics lab in novi Sad. He is one of the co-inventors of the three Sinterkraft patents.
Djura hold a M.Sc. in Chemistry.