Based on our latest product tests, we are currently serving three industries in Europe:

1) brick production                                       (klick here for video)

2) roof tile production                                   (klick here for video)

3) ceramic tile production                              (klick here for video) 

Our approach for these three industries is simple and transparent:

Step 1)  primary information about our patents/additives + energy savings/advantages for the customer

Step 2)  exchange of non-disclosure agreement + signature of NDA by interested customer

Step 3)  joint tests at the production site of the customer + joint evaluation of test results

             Sinterkraft provides limited amount of additives (eg. for 3-5 day production test)

Step 4)  comparison of test results; if results reach the promised limits – design of an individual

             license agreement (for one or several production plants) including a framework agreement

             for the amounts, prices and delivery of additives, specific for the customer.

Sinterkraft is not a production company – our additives are produced under license agreement by two international partners/producers for industrial chemicals.

We consider ourselves to be an R&D and licensing company, being interested to develop new applications for new industries – therefore we are interested to license our three current patents to a few major international industrial companies (general license), acting as a consulting partner for these companies.

Our three patents are currently in the process of internationalization to all major industrial countries, this means there is an enormous potential for economic exploitation in the next 20 years.

Special services for special industries:

Since we consider ourselves to be an R&D and licensing company, we are interested to develop new applications for and together with our customers, especially:

Ø  New ceramic materials for transports and security applications (hard + light ceramics)

Ø  New ceramic materials for medical applications (teeth, hip + knee replacements, etc.)

Ø  New processes for production of small ceramic products (3D-printing of ceramics, etc.)

Ø  If you have new ideas to work with us – please contact our CRO; Email: