Over the last eight years, Sinterkraft´s experts have developed three EU patents that are the basis for optimized processing of different types of clays and the resulting products (bricks, roof tiles, ceramic tiles, ceramic materials, special products).

Using vast know-how on the chemical reactions for all steps of the production processes and utilizing different additives to improve these chemical reactions, leads to significant improvements for our customers – eg. lowering the burning temperature from 900°C to approx. 600°C and still increasing the product properties (eg. hardness of bricks by +30%).

First Patent

Patent one addresses our special know-how for the production of ceramic tiles, including special additives for pressing or extrusion of tiles.

As a result, ceramic tiles can be thiner but have improved product properties, for example: no cracking in kiln and harder tiles.



Second Patent

Patent two addresses our special know-how for the production of bricks, including special additives for extrusion, pressing and molding.

Our method and additives can be used for one or two step drying processes, which are both reducing the drying temperature by approximately 300°C and increasing hardness of bricks up to 30%.

Third Patent

Patent three addresses our special know-how for using fly-ash as basic material for ceramic products. Usually fly-ash may only be stored in special repositories.

Using our method, fly-ash can be used as a basic material for ceramic products, such as bricks, which are used in construction industries, leading to an enormous cost reduction.